Best High Risk Auto Insurance 

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Best High Risk Auto Insurance

Best High Risk Auto Insurance 
Sometimes even good drivers make mistakes behind the wheel and get classified as higher-risk motorists. Auto insurance rates for these drivers can be 25% to 100% more expensive. The good news is that good deals can be found with a little research and quote comparison shopping. The best high risk auto insurance can often be bought online.

The Cost of Best High Risk Auto Insurance Varies

One of the reasons “high risk” premiums vary so much is that there are numerous factors that affect pricing. Also, each state has its own set of insurance laws, which also has an impact on insurance rates. Besides, insurers have drastically different rates for the same driver. Some companies welcome higher risk motorists’ business, while others will not insure those with certain infractions, like a DUI conviction. These are some main factors that carriers use to determine a price.

  • Driving Record – More than three moving violations in 3 years can cause a person to be classified as a high risk motorist. Driving while intoxicated convictions will automatically cause rates to skyrocket. Be a safe driver, and save more.
  • A Person’s Age – People under 25 tend to take more risks, and, these days, drive while distracted.
  • Zip Code – Each U.S. area is divided by zip codes. Insurers use crash and auto theft data in every zip to determine rates.
  • The Vehicle Make and Model – The more expensive the vehicle is, the more it will cost to get it covered. Older, cheaper cars cost less to insure.
  • Credit Rating – Poor credit below $600 can increase your premiums by 15%. Get your score above 700 and watch your rates go down.

Calculating the cost of high risk auto insurance is not possible. This is because a person driving record is used along with so many other factors. Also, each carrier has different algorithms that evaluate risk factors differently. Some insurers will double rates after a DUI, while others may increase premiums by 80% or even more. This is why it’s important to compare as many quotes as possible before you buy a policy.

Top High Risk Companies

Some insurers target higher-risk motorists like The General Insurance Company. The General has some of the most affordable rates for drivers with multiple tickets and DUIs. They offer some of the cheapest high risk car insurance of any major insurer. The company also has good rates for lower-risk drivers, with low down payment deposits and rates starting at $29 per month.

Bristol West and Allstate also cater to motorists with bad records. Bristol West is a specialty insurer that can offer high-risk coverage, often for 30% less than other major carriers. In one consumer survey, this carrier came first for high-risk drivers. They had the lowest rates and the best customer service and claim handling.

The Cost of High Risk

The reality is higher risk auto insurance costs 25% to more than 100% more than coverage for lower-risk drivers. Those with a DUI conviction on their record can expect to pay more than double. Two or more DUIs often result in complete rejection from all the insurers, as this type of customer is just too risky.

If you have been in an at-fault accident, especially one costly with bodily injuries, you can expect your premiums to go up at least 25% or more. This is also true for serious traffic violations, like multiple speeding tickets and running red lights. The riskier you are to a company, your premiums will go higher.

Street racing convictions are almost equal to DUIs. They can cause your policy to be canceled or your premiums to shoot way up, with increases of 80% or more. Some carriers have a very low tolerance for just a single speeding ticket and will raise rates by 70% or more. This shows that it’s just not worth it to break driving laws. One of the easiest ways to get cheap car insurance is to be a safe, law-abiding motorist and maintain a clean driving record year after year.

Being Labeled a Higher Risk Motorist Can Make It Unaffordable

Getting a serious traffic ticket can make auto insurance too expensive for people on a strict monthly budget with little wiggle room. For example, the average auto insurance in the U.S. is about $1,200 per year. Two speeding offenses can cause a person’s rate to go up 50% or more.

That means a $100 monthly auto insurance bill is now $150. A DUI can cause rates to go over $200 per month. Many people don’t have that extra money and end up canceling their policy. This often results in risky moves like driving uninsured, which can land someone in jail and create an even worse driving record.

Searching for the Cheapest High Risk Auto Insurance

To find the best high-risk auto insurance, you will need to compare multiple quotes to know you are getting the best deal. The fastest way to do this is online. Use comparison tools on this site to shop up to 10 quotes in less than five minutes. All you have to do is answer a few basic questions and then spend a few minutes going over each companies rates. Most consumers save over $550 by buying direct car insurance online. Get started by entering your zip code and get better coverage for a lot less.