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Viking Insurance has been offering superior casualty insurance products to its valued customers for many decades. The company has thrived and continued to grow each year because of its valued priced insurance products, coupled with superior customer service. The Viking auto insurance line has grown for each of the past ten years by providing excellent coverage at rates most competitors can’t match. Get a free Viking car insurance quote in about five minutes and compare plans and rates.

Even though the recent economic recession is over, most consumers still feel uneasy about their finances and want to save money anywhere they can. Consumers are always looking to save money on staple bills, like auto insurance. 

If you own a car, you need to get it insured with a quality auto insurance policy. This will allow you to get insured for less and put more of your hard-earned money back in your pocket. Viking car insurance has plans for almost every budget, with rates starting at $39 for qualified drivers.

Viking Auto Insurance offers Direct Pricing

Shopping for automobile coverage does not need to be a frustrating and expensive experience. Getting quoted has never been easier. With Viking Auto Insurance, you can compare direct auto insurance quotes, all from the comfort of your home. You can even get free quotes using your smartphone in a few short minutes. 

One of the main reasons Viking Insurance Company offers such low-cost auto coverage is direct rates. All you need to do is log onto the new and improved Viking Insurance website and apply for a free quote. You can comparison shop up to ten rate quotes, and there is never any obligation to buy a policy. 

There are no middlemen agents and brokers who charge exorbitant commissions and fees. These cost savings are passed on directly to the customer in the way of lower rates. In fact, on average, clients save about $560 when they buy automobile insurance coverage with Viking. Check the low rates for yourself and apply online today.

Viking Insurance Coverage

Purchasing auto insurance is somewhat like buying a vehicle. You need the best model and package that meets your specific needs and budget. With car insurance, you should purchase the right coverage, so you are adequately protected. With Viking, you can select basic liability insurance, with prices starting at just $39 monthly. 

For drivers looking for greater coverage, there are value-based rates for both collision and comprehensive insurance. Each policy comes backed with complete customer service satisfaction. You can call a licensed Viking Insurance agent almost anytime toll-free, day or night, and get any issue resolved quickly. Viking agents are always happy to assist customers with any issue they have and are also available to advise on all things insurance-related.

Each state in the US has minimum amounts of car insurance coverage you must buy. State insurance departments set these laws and vary throughout the country. Almost every state has bare minimums of liability insurance that must be purchased if you plan to operate a motorized vehicle. If you have a used automobile worth less than $5,000, liability insurance might be the best choice.

Types of Coverage Available

Let’s take a closer look at all the coverage that is available at Viking insurance on-line.

  1. Liability Coverage: This important protection consists of Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Each state has different minimum limits for liability coverage, so it is best to check with your local DMV or state’s insurance department to figure out the exact number. Some states also require additional coverage such as Personal Injury Protection that you need to be aware of.
  1. PIP (Personal Injury Protection): PIP insurance coverage covers medical expenses for anyone who suffers from injuries due to an automobile accident. Personal injury protection provides financial protection regardless of who was at fault in a collision. It also covers additional costs such as lost wages, lost services, and funeral expenses if need be.
  1. Medical Payments: In states where PIP is not mandated, policyholders can opt for medical reimbursement coverage instead. It acts as secondary health insurance for emergencies, and the coverage pays out before the health insurance policy kicks in. People with health insurance may not even need the coverage as long as the insurance covers accident-related injuries in full.
  1. Collision: Regardless of who was at fault in an incident, Viking Insurance covers vehicle damages due to all roadside accidents. While collision coverage is optional, sometimes it is mandatory if a vehicle is leased or financed.
  1. Comprehensive: If collision coverage protects damages to your car due to accidents, comprehensive offers financial protection from damages due to non-collision events. Possible scenarios include falling objects, fire, theft, water damage, and vandalism. Get your customized, comprehensive quote online today.
  1. UIM (Underinsured Motorist):If an accident does indeed happen, there is a good chance the other driver will not be fully insured to pay for the damages done to your vehicle. Viking Auto Insurance helps to settle these disputes and helps policyholders repair their cars. In some states, UIM also covers damages to other properties, not just cars. Getting UIM coverage is not that expensive, but it can save you thousands in an accident where the other party is under-insured.
  1. UM (Uninsured Motorist): Some drivers have no vehicle insurance at all. In the event of a road accident between a policyholder and an uninsured driver, the company covers the damage in full up to the insurance limits. It is important to note that it only applies when the policyholder is not at fault.
  1. Rental Reimbursement: If a person’s car is in a repair shop due to an accident, the company offers reimbursement for rental vehicles for up to 30 days.
  1. Towing & Labor: When in an emergency situation, the company pays for towing & labor services to get the customer’s car to the nearest service center as fast as possible.
  1. Lienholder: This kind of coverage applies when a driver does not have full ownership of the car (lease or finances in most cases). The company that leases the vehicle needs assurance that the driver will pay a high enough amount of insurance to cover the company’s interest in the car. This ensures that the damages done to the vehicle will be repaired or replaced before it is fully paid off.

Viking Insurance also Offers Non-Owner Automobile Insurance

This critical policy protects drivers if a collision occurs while driving someone else’s vehicle or rental. It acts like liability coverage to protect the policyholder from the obligation to cover property damages and injuries.

Viking Auto Insurance Discounts

Here are some discounts from Viking Auto Insurance that you should take advantage of.

  • Multi-Car Discounts: Anyone with multiple vehicles can save a considerable amount of money from auto coverage if all the cars are put under the same policy. This smart discount can save you about 10% or more.
  • Advanced Quote Discount: To make sure that all documents go through properly, checks a quote in advance is essential. Even better, the Corporation offers discounts for buyers who get the quote at least one week in advance.
  • Transfer Discounts: Switching from one insurance company to another does not always have to be a complicated process. With the Website online, customers can get discounts of about 5% if they start the process six months prior to the final transition.
  • Payment Frequency Discount: There are multiple payment frequency options, and each one of them comes with a discount.
  • Homeowners Discount: If a customer owns a house, townhouse, mobile home, condo, or buildings, the cost of insurance can be more affordable. The best thing about this discount is that it applies to Viking home insurance and bundled policies when the registration form is completed in full. In some states, Viking homeowners Insurance also offers the same discounts for renters coverage.
  • Defensive Driving Discount: Clients who complete a certified defensive driving course can get an instant 5% discount on their automobile insurance. First, it allows participants to better understand personal safety on the road and, more importantly, avoid accidents. Second, Viking Insurance provides online discounts for all customers who can produce valid proof of the course completion.
  • Safety Equipment: Divers who install safety equipment on their vehicles (such as anti-theft devices) are eligible for additional discounts.

Getting Insurance Quotes with Viking Insurance

Viking Insurance is available directly online or through local independent agents. The best thing about direct quotes is that there is no middleman service fee, which means the overall cost of insurance is much lower. On the other hand, an independent agent offers expertise and broad knowledge of the insurance industry. Every agent works hard to find the best deal for the policyholder. An agent is a professional who works for you and has your best interests in mind. It usually costs more money, but often the additional expense is worth it. Nobody wants to overpay for auto insurance.

The only commission brokers get comes from policyholders, but the total cost is sometimes negotiable. So, it makes sense to get an independent quote. Agents can help you figure out all available discounts and ensure your eligibility, which is a big help.

Get your free Viking Insurance quote online and save more money on the car insurance coverage you need today. Start your free online quote by entering your zip code and compare rates instantly.

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We strive to help our customers by getting them the most affordable insurance coverage all around the country. Our clients prefer to choose Viking Insurance because of our cheap rates online. Just by filling out an easy form, you get to save a lot of money.  Start your online quote now.


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