Senior Citizen Auto Insurance Discounts

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Senior Citizen Auto Insurance Discounts

Senior Citizen Auto Insurance Discounts

There is no shortage of perks for becoming a senior citizen. One perk that many might overlook is senior citizen auto insurance. This includes discounts at most restaurants, hotels, and travel services. For safe drivers that don’t drive too much, this can add up to hundreds annually in savings. Enter your zip code and compare local rates now.

Senior Americans make up a large segment of the driving population. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), motorists 65 years or older make up 17% of all drivers. In another study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, seniors get in fewer accidents than any other age group of motorists. This means they are, by in large safe and dependable drivers.

Many Seniors are Financially Stable

Another reason many insurers love seniors is they, by and large, pay their bills on time. Call it “old-time” traditional values, but these older customers tend to pay their premiums in full and upfront. Those on installment AARP car insurance for seniors plans pay their premiums on time more than most other age groups, like those younger drivers aged 20 and under.

Another benefit seniors bring to auto insurance providers is they often stick with the same insurer for years. Many seniors stay with their insurance companies for decades, making them lifelong customers. For carriers targeting this coveted group of motorists, one way to sway them to switch is by providing a significant discount. Some companies like Nationwide Insurance offer discounted rates that seniors can take advantage of, saving them 20% or more.

What Seniors Pay for Annual Auto Insurance Coverage

Seniors over sixty in the United States pay an average of $1,277 per year for car insurance coverage. This is below the national average for all drivers, but some seniors can still pay less by shopping around and qualifying for auto insurance for seniors over 80. Most older Americans pay lower premiums because they are safer drivers, drive less, have decades of experience, and own homes.

These factors all contribute to lower coverage costs. Seniors pay over $600 less per year than the average motorist in the U.S. Many older drivers with a clean DMV record can get their premiums down just by searching for a lower rate.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Seniors

They were comparing rates for drivers aged 60-69. The Zebra comparison site showed that USAA had the best rates. Here are the top 9 senior rates by the company for a six-month policy.

  1. USAA > $436
  2. Nationwide > $521
  3. 21st Century > $575
  4. Geico > $563
  5. State Farm $702
  6. Farmers > $711
  7. Progressive > $754
  8. Liberty Mutual > $820
  9. Allstate > $890

As you can see, USAA insurance has the best deal, by far, for older drivers. The problem with this company is not everyone will qualify. To qualify, you must be a military member or directly related to one, such as a spouse or minor child.

It’s also important to note that carriers offer lower rates to specific groups of drivers. For example, Nationwide and Geico have very cheap auto insurance for seniors. Their rates are significantly lower than most other companies, and there is never any annual membership fee. Enter your zip code and start shopping for cheaper rates today.

Geico has great senior citizen auto insurance. They come in third place with the rate comparison test above. Geico senior citizen discount for older drivers who bundle their auto and homeowners insurance coverage. For those aged 60 to 69, Geico is a company that offers the best car insurance for those over 65. It also offers multiple discounts and might be able to save you the most.

How Seniors Can Save More on Automobile Insurance Coverage

Seniors can save on auto insurance by:

  • Raising their Deductible
  • Driving an Older Vehicle
  • Driving Less
  • Removing Comprehensive Coverage on Vehicles older than eight years
  • Taking a Defensive Driving Class
  • Maintaining a Clean Driving Record
  • Compare Direct Rates

One way to check what companies have the best senior citizen auto insurance is to compare multiple rates online. Thanks to the web, doing this is not only easy; it only takes a few minutes of your time.

To compare the lowest rates and discounts, enter your zip code. You will be matched with several national and local insurance providers. Start your senior auto insurance quote and save hundreds.