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Viking Insurance Wisconsin

Viking Insurance Wisconsin
Every smart person knows to play safe. This includes the decision to take out the insurance policy to cover losses. Auto insurance is a policy purchased by vehicle owners to cover losses associated with being involved in a car crash. That is what we do at Viking Insurance Wisconsin; we give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your vehicle is covered.

The Viking company also covers losses arising from the theft of the insured vehicle and even fire damage, and so on. The insured person pays a premium (the price for the insurance policy) on an agreed basis. Thus, he would not have to pay from his pocket when a loss occurs. The insurance company comes in to save the day by covering the loss and restoring the insured back to his position before the loss as if nothing happened.

Uninsured Vehicle on Public Roads

In most jurisdictions, driving or using an uninsured vehicle on a public road is an offense. There are different types of auto insurance policy:

  • Third-Party Only Liability Insurance: This is a cover for a driver who, while using his vehicle, injures someone else or their property. This policy only covers damages to such injured third parties and their property, not the driver or car. It also covers legal fees arising from a lawsuit due to the accident. This particular policy is, in many cases, demanded by most jurisdictions as a minimum requirement before any vehicle can be used on a public road.
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft Insurance covers everything under Third Party Only Liability. It goes further, however, to cover the vehicle owner against losses arising from the theft of the insured vehicle and destruction of the car by fire and other types of vandalism.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This covers just about any form of loss related to the insured vehicle. This is the most extensive form of auto insurance; it covers damage caused to third parties and their property. Comprehensive insurance also covers damage to the insured vehicle caused by accidents, fire, or anything you can think of. It covers theft and other vandalism also.

Viking’s Best Services

At Viking Insurance Wisconsin, we ensure you get the best service for whichever insurance policy you choose. We have your back.

The amount of premium for any insurance also depends on factors like;

  • Gender: male drivers, especially younger ones, are often regarded as aggressive on the wheel and therefore more prone to accidents: hence, higher premiums for male drivers than for female drivers
  • Age (teenage drivers with no driving history or record will pay higher premiums, unlike older people with driving experience). Driving history also matters since a driving history fraught with car crashes, over-speeding, drinking, driving, and other traffic misbehavior will raise premiums.
  • The type of car to be insured matters, i.e., the premium for an SUV will logically be higher than that of a regular family car. Also, insurance for vintage and exotic vehicles will be higher.
  • The distance to be covered by the vehicle matters. The higher the mileage covered, the more vulnerable the vehicle gets to accidents. Similarly, premiums for a full-time commercial driver will be superior to that of a regular car owner who hardly covers a long distance.

Viking Insurance Wisconsin services the whole state of California. We will deliver what we promise you; give us a call today at 510-582-0125.